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Sep 6, 2013
Live on Kickstarter until October 8th (10pm GMT)
Aug 22, 2013
The Field Hockey Game - talking to the Kookaburra's player Tim Deavin! We asked Tim Deavin of the Australian national...
Aug 16, 2013
The Field Hockey Game - no Xbox/Playstation stretch goals Currently there is a lot of speculation...
Jul 30, 2013
July is over, just August to go and the campaign time! We have made some good progress this month with...
Jul 9, 2013
58 days until our September 6th Launch on Kickstarter The count down has started, with 58 days until...
Jul 8, 2013
Support from high places at the World Hockey League We were very pleased to receive this photo from...
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Welcome to the Field Hockey Game!

Welcome to the new website dedicated to the team behind the original field hockey game project.


We don't see the point in online petitions or trying to simply collect likes on our Facebook page in the hope that EA or some other giant of the sports games world will take over.

We're developing this game with the full intention of releasing it ourselves with a little help from the World Wide Field Hockey Community.

Pc - Xbox - Ps3 - iOS

Eventually we would love to release the game on PC - Xbox - PS3, but initially the plan will be to release the game for just PC, with additional platform releases coming in the future if the game is successful enough with the PC release.

Kickstarter - September 6th 2013

We are launching a kickstarter campaign in September to generate much needed capital to accelerate the production of the Field Hockey Game through to release in the Summer of 2014, hopefully before the 2014 World Cup!

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