6 Month Review - Jan-Jun 2015

Well it has been an interesting 6 months in the FHG project. We have started again with our models and found a great artist in Will who we hope you will agree is done and is doing a great job on the goalkeeper and player models and most recently with the WIP's for the Zoti kit to go with the Akuma playing kit.Programming wise there hasn't really been any but that will change during the later part of this year once I start to get my teeth into this course¬†for Unity3D.We've seen lots of growth of our subscriber base this year and at this point we're just 20 away from our first 1,000 subscribers, and just under 83,500 views. We don't make much from the advertising on YouTube but it all goes into the pool for resources etc for the game.We have been working hard on making a big update to our website which should go live in the next week or so and will see the announcement of a new partnership we have formed which we hope will help to become a good revenue stream for us in the next 3-6 months.The short term plan is to get the player models rigged and then to start doing things in unity beyond just making them run around .Thanks again for your interest in our project and I hope your enjoying the progress we have been making this year! 

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